Teeth as keys, bizar face and a cat voice preinstalled, I just had to get one, besides i`m a big fan of the grinning cat in all versions (Book, old cartoon, newer movies)

So, yeah, I orderd one from a webshop.

This is what i bought:

It has lots of screws, so bring a cordless screwdriver.

Sadly its not easy to bend, and I found out after getting mine that there is a MAJOR diffference between the Violett/Green Version and the Orange/Yellow Version I got (Allthough they behave exactlly the same way unaltered)

My Version (Orange/Yellow) is Quartz timed, when I attempted to extend the speed range it got complicated, and I gave up on that. While the other Version is speedcontroled by a resistor which can be replaced, (well it`s SMD so the contacts are small) to play around with that, so I STRONGLY recomend if you are a beginner-bender to get the violett/green version.

This is what it looks like now:

I Added external power and a switch to switch between external power and batteries.

I also added a line out, with a switch to mute the line out.

Also added a few parts to protect the Line-Out from to strong curent.

Use wiring diagram at your own risk!

And I added a switch to mute the internal speaker.

Since I did not find any good beending points around the main PCB, instead I found on the net that some people fried their meow-sics while poking around, and so I left it unaltered soundwise, so its not really a bend, who cares.

Feedback, destructive or constructive, about the page or its content, via the contact form. also, i'd be very happy to read of any improvments, error corrections or additions on Meow-sic.